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Founded in 2019 by Anna Shebanova, GSA Expert is a full-service market access agency providing market intelligence, export revenue growth and market entry services focused on Russia.

Our team consists of sales and marketing professionals with global outreach and connections in different industries and regions, developing distribution channels and tailoring marketing and sales strategies to customer trends and preferences in Russia, Americas and European markets.

Our expertise in strategic market research, competitive intelligence and establishing a global presence for companies will help you to build brand awareness and generate revenue within new markets.

Regions: USA, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Russia.


  • Metals & Steel industry
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Food & Beverages
  • Industrial Agriculture
  • Flexible packaging
  • Food Ingredients
  • Professional skincare industry
  • Peptides & Supplements
  • Biotechnology
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We implement turnkey projects, providing full support services for companies entering foreign markets — market research, search for dealers and customers, business plan formulation, legal advisory, direct search and set up sales departments on the new markets.

We also provide service of the company’s sales representative in Russia & EMEA. At the stage of market entry, when there are no indications for opening a full-fledged branch, we represent the company’s interests in the region as a sales representative, set up distribution network, conduct marketing localisation, represent company at trade fairs and industry events, acquiring customers and generating export revenue, warming up the market for the subsequent development of a branch network.

+18 years in global sales

+85 countries

+30 large-scale projects

Market Intelligence 

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Credit Check & Finance Analytics
  • Market Weekly Monitor 
  • Voice-of-Customer Interview

from 1,200 Euro

Exports of Goods

  • Search for dealers, customers, and suppliers
  • Buyers & Importers Lists (HS Code investigation)
  • Strategic Vendor Selection
  • In-Russia Sales Representative

from 500 Euro

Market Entry & Launch

  • Marketing Localisation. Translation and adaptation of company's website, presentations, catalogues, etc. 
  • Local brand promotion strategies
  • Marketing Plan & Checklists
  • Email Marketing

from 500 Euro

LinkedIn for B2B sales

  • Company page set-up and localization   
  • Content marketing consulting
  • Target market development 
  • Networking and warm-up in LinkedIn 
  • Accounts & Sales growth

from 500 Euro


  • Business Strategy Formulation
  • Checking of Commercial Agreements
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Business Development Coaching

from 700 Euro


  • Executive Search & Headhunting
  • Search for sales reps and export managers worldwide

from 1,800 Euro


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About Founder

Born in May 10, 1982. Degree in Economics; Degree in Intercultural Communication. I have started my career in Germany conducting market research projects for German companies in steel and timber industries.

Six years later I moved to Russia, where I promoted through roles of increasing scope and responsibility from a Market Research Manager to the Deputy Director of Export Sales and Business Development Director, served on Atlantis-Pak’s Strategic Council. I was responsible for strategic market research and competitive analysis, global sales strategy formulation and implementation management, establishing foreign branches in Europe, America, MENA and Asia and ensuring continued revenue growth, directed global strategy implementation activities, managing workflow of +30 export managers and sales reps to drive export sales. Today Atlantis-Pak is a leading global company with headquarter in Russia and sales network worldwide, and is ranked in the top 10 companies in the flexible packaging industry with sales to 85 countries. I am proud to be a part of this fascinating success story.

After 10 years with Atlantis-Pak brand I moved to the USA, where I drive business expansion into the US and South America as a Director of Sales and Strategic Marketing of DIMET GmbH, the manufacturer of electromagnets and heavy lifting equipment for the steel industry. It was success, and in 2022 I decided to focus on my own projects.

Being passionate about sales and a cosmopolitan, I was always surrounded by skilled professionals from different industries, and these good connections gave me the ability to build a strong and persistent team of business developers and marketers to assist you in your international projects.

If you are interested in global expansion or want to solve a specific task in area of our expertise, feel free to contact us:


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Clear understanding of target market and estimation of expected profit is 50 per cent of success. The other 50 per sent is hard work, endurance, and luck.

Interested in doing business in russia?

I have enjoyed working with Anna for many years. She has been an extremely valuable resource in building the global Atlantis-Pak strategy, including part of its implementation. Anna has a true professional understanding of global International (Western style) business combining analytical intelligence with practical application. Proficient in building/ evaluating industry intelligence for marketing and global industry strategy purposes. Has very good communication skills, respects deadlines, an maintains promises. I am happy to recommend Anna for any international business, including abroad assignments.

Dino Tomassetti
Regional Director of Sales Europe, Middle East & Africa at Celanese,
Macerata, Italy

Anna has been a customer of mine dealing with the developing of a complex continuous process for food packaging. She has been a very well respected professional among her team and as a partner in the project. Anna is achievement oriented, an excellent team player and focused on the given targets.

Hans-Ulrich Siegenthaler
Head of Process Technology, Member of Executive Board - BUSS AG, Zürich Area, Switzerland