Russian Presidential Elections results

Russian Presidential Elections results

Russian Presidential Elections have been held, 100% of the protocols have been counted.

Putin has 87.28% of the vote, second Kharitonov with 4.31%, in third place Davankov with 3.85% of the vote.

Voter turnout at the Russian Presidential Election across the country amounted to 73.33% — Central Election Commission.

Turnout at remote electronic voting amounted to 94%.

1115 international observers from 129 countries are working at the Russian Presidential Election.

Over the day, 12.6 thousand dangerous influences on the CEC website and four DDoS attacks were recorded.

Voting results in the new regions:

DNR — Putin leads with 95.23%
LNR — Putin leads with 94.12%
Zaporizhzhya region — Putin leads with 92.83%
Kherson Oblast — Putin leads with 88.12%


Russia will create a state platform for the confiscation of cryptocurrency.

It is already recognized as an asset and seized in criminal cases, but mostly on physical storage media. The changes will simplify the authorities’ access to digital assets. The State Duma may adopt a law on regulating the circulation of cryptocurrency as early as the spring session. Market participants supported the creation of a special platform for confiscated digital assets.

The Central Bank began to separately take into account digital finance in the asset structure of the banking sector. At the end of January, the indicator amounted to 7 billion (before that it was zero).

This means that new products have become a full-fledged tool for investment, and credit organizations are actively buying them.

Instagram audience in Russia has fallen 5.7 times in two years of blocking  — from 38.4 million to 6.8 million people.

Facebook’s audience fell 6.5 times — from 8.9 million people to 1.4 million people.

The main beneficiaries of the blocking were the Дзен (Dzen) platform and the Telegram messenger.

Дзен’s daily audience in February 2024 amounted to 31.9 million people, which is 2.8 times more than in February 2022.

Telegram’s audience grew 2.2 times over the same period to 59.9 million people.

Daily gas pumping through the Turkish Stream pipeline to the EU countries has reached a maximum level.

In March, it amounted to 46.2 million cubic meters, one and a half times higher than the level for the same period last year, according to ENTSOG data.

The figure also overtook the design capacity of the route (43.2 million kb/s).

Rostselmash launched a full production cycle tractor plant. 

The new Rostselmash plant is located in Rostov-on-Don and will be able to produce up to 5,000 units of machinery per year. In addition to tractors, the plant will produce road-building machinery: various types of loaders, excavators. 

Rostselmash Combine Plant LLC was founded in 1929 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The enterprise occupies an area of 133 hectares. In 1930, the first Russian combine harvester was produced there.

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